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(I) Suitcase Squat

From a standing position pick up a weight, kettle bell or heavy briefcase/bag. The weight should be heavy enough to be challenging but not so heavy that you cannot grip the weight and risk dropping it or you are not keeping good form. As per all of our core moves start with a good core brace, a shoulder blade/scapular set and a packed neck. You can either use a chair/bench/box or nothing at all. From a standing position slowly lower yourself down by pushing your hips and buttocks back as your knees spread apart (be sure to not go too deep or your lower back will round and cause disc issues; if you feel a lower back stretching sensation those are your discs; you’ve gone too far!). Make sure your knees are not ahead of your toes, if they are push your hips back further. Once you’ve reached a safe lowered position drive your knees apart and stand up. As with the Suitcase Carry the weight is going to pull you toward its side and your opposite side oblique and QL will have to work really hard to keep you stable. Your goal should be 3 sets of 12-15 reps. Remember form is key here NOT the weight. If you cannot stabilize your core or your form is breaking down, then stop and take a break or lower the weight.