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(I) Half Side Bridge with Leg Raise

From a side lying position place your left elbow under your shoulder and your knees stacked in a position that is ahead of your hips by about 12 inches. Brace your core, raise your spine slightly so it is straight (you don’t want to start this position with a sagging spine), squeeze your shoulder blades together and pack your neck. Now raise your hips off the ground while simultaneously raising your top leg while it is straight and push your hips forward until your abs and quads are lined up. While maintaining your core brace raise your top leg in a clamming fashion for 5 reps. Lower your body to the ground and repeat 3 more 1/2 Side Bridges up with 5 leg raises each. Once you’ve completed 4 reps of ½ Side Bridges with 5 clams each turn over to the other side and repeat. You should perform 2-3 sets each side. Your goal should be 6 reps of 6 leg raises each per side for 2-3 sets. Once you can do this you are ready to progress to the Full Side Plank.