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(I) Full Side Bridge/Plank

From a side lying position place your left elbow under your shoulder and your top foot (right) about 6 inches in front of your bottom (left) foot. By splitting your stance like this you will have better stability to hold the side plank. Brace your core, raise your spine slightly so it is straight (you don’t want to start this position with a sagging spine), squeeze your shoulder blades together and pack your neck. Now raise your hips off the ground while pushing them forward. You should feel your down side glute and down side obliques and QL working really hard. Now hold this position until you start to shake and feel like you can’t keep your core braced and spine supported. Holding a plank for excessive time while your shaking like crazy won’t do you any good; you’ll be letting go of your core brace and not properly stabilizing the spine. DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH! Breathe normally. Once you feel like you can’t sustain a braced core lower yourself to the ground (don’t let go of your core brace until you are on the ground!) and check your time. If it was less than 20 seconds you should perform 4-5 reps of 20 second planks for 2-3 sets per side. Once you can hold your plank for 30 seconds perform 3-4 reps of 30 second planks for 2-3 sets. Once you can hold your plank for 1 minute or more on both sides do 2-3 sets of 1 minute planks. Once you can achieve a 1 minute plank for 2-3 sets you are ready to advance to the Full Side Plank with Leg Raise.