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(I) Band Walk Out

Standing with your left shoulder facing the connection point of a band or pully brace your core, set your scapula and pack your neck and grasp the handle with both hands with fingers interlocked. With your hands just above your navel start to walk sideways away from the connection point until the band feels like it will pull you back to the connection point if you don’t remain braced. Now remain braced and stand in an athletic stance with your knees pushing outward (you will feel your glutes contract immediately if this is done properly). While maintaining this position press the handle forward until your arms are straight out in front of you; DON’T LET GO OF YOUR BRACE! Now pull the handle back to your navel and repeat until you are fatigued. Once you are fatigued slowly walk sideways back to the starting point and repeat with your right shoulder facing the connection point. Rest for about 20 seconds (or until you feel recovered) and repeat again on the left side. Your goal should be 12-15 reps of presses per side for 3 sets. Once you can perform this relatively easily try walking out and instead of doing presses with the handle try straightening your arms in front of you (remaining braced!) and do circles, figure 8s, squares and ultimately drawing the alphabet vertically in the air. When you can do 3 sets per side of the full alphabet ranging from your nose to your navel while your arms are straight, you are well on your way to a very strong core and stable spine.