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(A) Ball Shoulder Circles

From a full plank position brace your core, pack your neck and squeeze your shoulder blades together while your elbows are on a fit ball under your shoulders. While maintaining this set position slowly roll your SHOULDERS ONLY in a circular position. The key to this move as with all planks is to KEEP YOUR SPINE STILL, there should be no movement anywhere except the shoulders. Remember to NEVER LET GO OF YOUR CORE throughout the ENTIRETY OF THIS MOVEMENT. Do 5 circles in a clockwise direction, then 5 circles in the counter-clockwise direction. Rest and repeat for 3 sets. Your goal should be 10 circles in each direction for 3 sets. To make this move more difficult you can extend your elbows further out and perform the circles.*

*Please note the last three moves are quite challenging and with all of our exercises if performed properly there is no risk of injury (unlike Dr. Rob’s Back Breakers that WILL injure you if you do them enough!). However if you are too fatigued and cannot brace your core properly you are risking possible back strain. Please listen to your body and if you are fatigued and cannot maintain a core brace throughout the ENTIRETY of the exercise please take a short rest then continue.