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(A) Ball Rollouts

From a knee plank position on a ball brace your core, pack your neck and set your shoulder blades. Your elbows should be directly below your shoulders. With your core braced firmly slowly roll your elbows forward away from your body. Now with your core still braced, roll back to the starting position. Remember to NEVER LET GO OF YOUR CORE throughout the ENTIRETY OF THIS MOVEMENT. If you feel strain on your lower back STOP and don’t go any further! Only work in a pain free range of motion. If there is some strain or pain you may not be ready for this move. If you feel weak don’t extend your elbows out as far. If there is no pain/strain then do 5 reps of 5 seconds rolling out and 5 seconds rolling in for 3 sets. Your goal should be 10 reps of 5 seconds rolling out and back in for 3 sets.