Protect Your Back 101

Over 85% of North Americans will suffer from some form of lower back pain in their lifetime. At a cost of tens of billions of dollars to their respective health care systems this is a chronic problem not just for an individual’s health but for the collective as personal suffering and time lost from work are major results of this scenario. The saddest thing about this situation is many or the most commonly performed exercises and daily movements are actually the cause of many of these lower back issues.


Protect Your Back 101 was created by Dr. Rob Jones, a chiropractor with over 21 years of clinical experience in helping his patients rid themselves of low back problems, permanently! With a clinical and scientific approach Protect Your Back 101 explains and demonstrates how the spine functions when it is healthy and moving properly, exactly which movements and exercises will break it down and lead to injury, which movements cause which symptoms, how to recognize the type of back pain and injury you have and how to correct your pain and function with the PROPER types of exercises and daily movements.

Protect Your Back 101 includes over 50 video exercises where Dr. Jones guides you through the safest movements, and he teaches you to avoid the most common movements and exercises that will undoubtedly cause a lower back injury. Dr. Jones also provides a list of exercises that he calls Back Breakers, so you know which exercises to avoid at all costs and gives you dozens of video alternatives to SAFELY work your core and build good, sound spinal health.

Dr. Rob Jones

Dr. Rob Jones is a chiropractor with over 21 years of clinical experience. With his busy daily practice, he has seen literally thousands of patients. He’s treated professional football players, professional golfers, professional basketball players, division 1 and 2 athletes, Olympians and of course individuals of every walk of life from stay at home moms to firefighters. With his consulting business, he’s helped corporations prevent injury to their workers with on-site ergonomics and safety training.

As an avid athlete and fitness junky himself, he’s compiled a system of injury prevention and injury amelioration techniques that have helped his patients, his consulting clients and himself get over and prevent injuries to the lower back, neck, mid back, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles and feet.

As an individual who loves fitness and loves to stay active, being injured isn’t just a hindrance to his training, it prevents him from performing his job at the highest level possible and living his life the way he wants to live it.

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